Become a Sales Rep

We are looking for ambitious and self starting sales reps to make money in one of the country’s fasting growing industries!

Please play the video to obtain information on our Sales Rep Opportunity:
(Please note this is a straight commission Independent Contractor position.)

To contact us for a Sales Opportunity email me at:

We will require a brief resume with at least two references (preferably current or past employers) and a Skype or FaceTime interview.

If approved, we will send you an Independent Contractor agreement.

When this agreement is signed and returned, you will receive the following items:

  1. List of Voucher Codes that will allow you to preview the full content of all courses.
  2. Voucher price list
  3. Agreement contract to allow businesses or schools to order Voucher Packages
  4. Promotional Material
  5. Business cards (Please allow 7 days for printing)

Then you will be ready to start making MONEY!

Good luck and we are looking forward to a successful and mutually profitable relationship.