Our Unique Online Course covers all of the following information to assure you will receive the highest score possible on your End-of-Course exam:

  • A list of the actual objectives that will be tested on each exam and the number of questions from each objective that will be in the exam.
  • The current passing standards, with a raw score conversion table, so the student knows exactly how many questions have to be answered correctly to achieve Satisfactory or Advanced performance. Plus, the essay grading standards so you will know exactly what you need to include in your essay to meet the highest standard.
  • Instructional material including; lessons, websites, study guides, vocabulary lists, videos, and worksheets designed to cover the material tested.
  • Test taking strategies covering how to eliminate obviously wrong answers and make educated guesses on questions that confuse students. (This also includes Reading and Writing Strategies.)
  • Downloadable sample tests that consists of actual questions covering the tested objectives for student practice with the answer key.
  • Test analysis showing how to determine the answer for each question. These are videos that will go through the questions and give step by step instructions for finding the correct answer. (This section is unique, you will not find anything like this in similar programs.)

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This Unique Course is Available for:

Our One Time Fee gives the student access to this online course for the 2017 testing season (through the December 2017 retests), plus all future updates and revisions. (This is the only fee you will pay – no upselling, add ons, or hidden costs.) 

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 6-8 Hours

Difficulty: 10th Grade Level

Course Instructor

Michael File Michael File Author

Mike File is the CEO of the File Academy Online Learning Center, which is a company he founded with his wife Patty to provide inexpensive online courses to the public. Prior to this, he spent 16 years teaching high school in the public school system serving in various capacities such as the Campus Testing Coordinator and the lead instructor of the AVID College Prep and Academic Decathlon classes. Mike retired from teaching in 2014 to spend full time on technology training & web development, after which he become involved in the cyber security business. He has developed several online courses designed for test prep for secondary students, and online safety for students, individuals and business employees.


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